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Divorce mediators must keep almost all information confidential

There are many reasons that people end up divorcing from each other in Texas. This generally is not the easiest of situations to go through. The couple goes through the process of splitting up their one life into two lives which can cause some conflict and disagreements. They also are doing this during a fairly emotional time and many decisions are made initially based on those emotions as opposed to sound reasonable choices.

Divorce mediation: better for your emotional health?

You don't enter a marriage expecting to divorce by the five, ten, or twenty-year mark. At least, most people don't and you shouldn't. But the numbers don't lie, people fall in and out of love all the time, and the stress of life can sometimes mean people prefer to strike out on their own. But that decision carries significant consequences for your emotional health. The American Psychology Association (APA) released a guide to assist people considering divorce on the merits of mediation. This post will go over what the APA had to say.

Business executives often benefit from divorce mediation

As a business executive, you have a lot going on in your life. If you're faced with divorce, it's only natural to be worried about what the future will bring. After all, the time and money you spend on litigation could soon have a negative impact on your professional and personal life.

The role of the mediator

Divorce mediation is a relatively new method of divorcing that is becoming more accepted. Divorce mediation is heralded as cheaper and faster than traditional litigated divorce. But there is a major caveat if the parties can reach an amicable solution. It is critical before seeking divorce mediation to go over the process with an attorney. The lawyer can go over the process, what you can expect, and the role of the mediator. This post will discuss the role of mediator and how the mediator can help you.

How many ways can you get divorced? Part 1

There are four general "types" of divorce: the do-it-yourself, mediation, collaborative, and litigated divorce. Each of these styles possesses their pros and cons. Some may be cheaper. Some only work if both spouses are cooperative, while some other favor the spouse with greater financial flexibility. This post will briefly discuss each method to divorce.

Mediation as an alternative for high conflict divorce

This post will highlight some of facts that surround high conflict divorces. A high conflict divorce is a divorce that involves two wealth people who are unable to resolve their differences. These divorces can take years and cost thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Why do some divorcing couples choose mediation over litigation?

Sometimes Texas couples put off filing for divorce because they fear the trauma and unpleasantness typically associated with litigated divorces. Fortunately, other options are available that not only allow couples to make many of the important decisions related to their post-divorce lives, but it is also less time consuming and less costly. Family law mediation provides divorcing couples with a platform to peacefully negotiate contentious issues.

Divorce mediation isn't for everyone

Modern divorce is a complicated and expensive endeavor. Even if you believe that you and your ex-spouse agree on everything, issues can pop up like who gets the fondue set or commemorative glasses. Simple things like this can torpedo a carefully negotiated divorce settlement. This is why the legal system has adopted several techniques to encourage people to settle their issues. One of these techniques isĀ mediation. Divorce mediation is a great idea for many couples, but it isn't for everyone.

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