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If divorce could be cut and dry

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2016 | Divorce

If divorces could be cut and dry, more people would probably decide to make the break. But divorces are rarely simple. Beyond heightened emotions and injured feelings, two people who have united in life tend to accrue things together, like property, homes, savings, pets and vehicles. Add children to the mix and the likelihood of a simple divorce gets a lot less likely.

Even if there are considerable assets, shared belongings and custody arrangements to negotiate, if both parties are in agreement over the divorce and both parties want as simple a process as possible, that can make things go a lot easier. In situations such as this, mediation may be the ideal approach. This way, you are making most of the decisions and keeping most division of assets out of the court’s hands to decide.

Even with the desire to maintain control of who gets what and how much time is allotted each parent of the children, in some cases, conflict can’t be resolved. And then there is little alternative to letting the court decide. In those instances, mediation may have been attempted, or it may have been evident that it wouldn’t be fruitful, and instead your attorney may advise you to present your argument to the judge.

If you are in Texas and are considering terminating a matrimonial arrangement, hope for the best but plan for the worst and be prepared. Let Heinrich Christian, PLLC help you chart your course of action, so you work toward the best end goal.


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