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What is mediation and why would I need representation during it?

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2016 | Divorce Mediation |

Regardless of how much you and your current spouse can agree on how much you disagree, or how much you both would benefit from a divorce, once you have begun the process and are carrying it out, waters can get murky. Terminating a relationship and carrying out the division of assets, being deluged with the extended family’s involvement and emotional backlash, and setting up a new life sans partner can make you feel like you are swimming against the current at the edge of a waterfall.

Mediation can be a great way to let a third party listen and curb the emotional, petty arguments that may be presented by your spouse. This nonbiased and objective person will continually bring the focus back to the matters at hand. The final goal is a fresh start and both parties being able to sever ties and walk away with what they are entitled to. The primary focus of mediation is not to assign blame for any failings or wrongdoings, but instead, to resolve all matters regarding the dissolution of a marriage, taking into account both sides and negotiating an agreement.

In many jurisdictions, if both sides can reach an agreement, the mediator can draft a final and enforceable contract, thereby eliminating the need for the courts to get so involved at that level.

Even when avoiding a battle handled by the courts, mediation can cause undue stress, and you may worry that you cannot effectively convey what is important to you during this division. This is when a Texas divorce attorney on your side, representing you and your aforementioned wishes, may be beneficial.