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Parents who refuse to pay child support subject to penalties

There is a division with the Texas Attorney General that enforces child support obligations. This division was specifically created under Texas law that requires the state to find "child support evaders". A child support evader is any parent, mother or father, who is trying to avoid his or her child support obligations. This program, the "Evader" program, identifies them and levies punishments, if appropriate. This post will go over this program and the potential penalties a parent could face if they try to evade their child support obligations.

Parents who are known as trying to avoid their child support obligations are publicly identified by the Evader program. The Evader program publishes photographs and profiles on the various parents. This information is given to people in both public and private setting. If necessary, the Attorney General can use advertisements, the media, posters and other cost-effective methods to locate these delinquent parents.

Once the Attorney General identifies and apprehends the evading parent then he or she will be subject to penalties. Any custodial parent may report the evading parent to the Evader's program.

This program may seem harsh however it simply reflects the government's commitment to ensure that both parents contribute to the raising of the child. Study after study shows that children lead healthier and more successful lives if both parents are involved in their life. This program, while harsh, reflects that ongoing public policy goal.

If you are trying to enforce a child support order then you may want to speak to a family law attorney. Courts and the government, as you can see above, takes a dim view of people who dodge their child support obligations. But you still must file the paperwork and establish that you are entitled to child support. An attorney can walk you through the process and advise you on the various options.

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