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The Singer Famous for “American Pie” Finalized His Divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2016 | Divorce |

Don McLean, the artist known best for the hit song “American Pie,” ended his marriage earlier this month. The divorce comes after several high-profile incidents involving Mr. McLean. Most recently, he was arrested in late 2015 for an alleged domestic violence incident.

Moreover, his ex-partner alleged in her complaint filed with the court that Mr. McLean engaged in a pattern of “adultery, cruel and abusive treatment” and she cited “irreconcilable differences” as justification to end the marriage.

Under the old laws, a marriage could only end upon a showing of “fault”. In this case, she alleged two fault justifications, adultery and abuse. Under the modern rules, couples need only show that the marriage has broken down and there is no chance of recovery, or “irreconcilable differences”. This filing seems to indicate that McLean’s former spouse had both fault and no-fault justifications for the divorce.

Additionally, to complicate the matter further, they had a prenuptial agreement, which Mr. McLean agreed to ignore, if his ex-spouse accepted $10 million in lieu of enforcement ? she did. The circumstances of this divorce are no doubt due in some small part to the fact that Mr. McLean is wealthy and high profile.

All divorces are difficult however those issues are compounded for couples that are famous or prominent. Suddenly everyone has an opinion on your situation and wants to contribute. Divorce is a difficult endeavor without juggling the interjections from a bunch of different people. An attorney is a good person to have to partially shield you from all of the added drama.

If you are getting a divorce then you should probably consult with an attorney. A lawyer can go over your personal and financial situation and make recommendations. For example, you probably never considered the status of the retirement accounts ? how will those be divided? An attorney can answer these questions and more. Just keep in mind that the longer you were married, the harder this process can be. There is no magic wand, there is only keeping your head and moving forward.

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