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Criteria to get listed on the Texas Evader program, Part 2

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2016 | Child Support

The Texas Evader program is a state program run by the Attorney General of Texas to catch deadbeat parents. It solicits the assistance of the public to find and identify parents that are trying to avoid their obligations. The state uses this program because when parents skip out on their obligations, the state government is forced to pick up the slack. As discussed in a previous post, not just anyone is added to the Evader program list; specific criteria must be met. This post finishes where the previous post left off.

The third rule requires that you establish the evading parent is actively trying to avoid custody, which means you filed a police report, and they were unable to locate the other parent. As you can probably tell by now, the requirements to get on the Evader program are somewhat grave.

The reason the conditions are so strict is that the Evader program is an extreme invasion of privacy. The government releases that person’s contact information in an attempt to enlist the public to find the other parent. Seek help from the Evader program is an extreme step. Therefore, it is used in the only after all other options have been exhausted.

Fourth, the noncustodial parent must have failed to pay regular payments within the last six months, which means that you can’t go after the parent after one or two failed payments. It must be consistent failures over the course of six months.

Addionally, the noncustodial parent cannot be recieing welfare benefits or involved in bankruptcy proceedings. And finally, a photograph of the delinquent parent must be provided to the Evader program.

If you are recently divorced and trying to collect child support from your ex-spouse, then you may want to speak to an attorney. There could be a defect in your orders, or you may not even have proper judicial orders. A lawyer can go over your situation to ensure that you are in a good position to enforce a child support order.


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