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Mediation as an alternative for high conflict divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2016 | Divorce Mediation |

This post will highlight some of facts that surround high conflict divorces. A high conflict divorce is a divorce that involves two wealth people who are unable to resolve their differences. These divorces can take years and cost thousands upon thousands of dollars.

The Associated Press compiled some information and found that mediation, on average, cost $6,600 whereas a full-scale divorce cost around $77,746. As you can see, mediation is far cheaper than divorce. Additionally, contested divorces result in violence more often than mediation or collaborative divorces. Divorce will always be difficult, even if both people agree it is the best option.

The separating of two lives takes time and is painful. There will be disputes over crock pots, debt and who takes the house. These high emotional situations do occasionally result in violence. Mediation is a good way to avoid that conflict and maintain friendly relations with your spouse after the divorce is finalized.

Unfortunately, high conflict divorces are the result of attorney as much as the parties. It takes both parties to engage in an expensive and costly divorce. Sometimes attorneys egg their clients into particular courses of action and very often the client demands a particular strategy over the attorney’s recommendation. That is why you should ensure that your attorney is willing to recommend every strategy to you ? not just litigation.

If you are considering divorce, then mediation may be the better option for you. Mediation can be up to 90 percent cheaper than traditional divorce. It is far cheaper, as you can see above, than traditional divorce. It also takes into consideration other issues, like your and your family’s emotional well-being. It is often faster. In short, there are many benefits to divorce mediation. You can speak it over an attorney to determine if that is the best option for your situation. Keep in mind, that even during a mediation you can benefit from an attorney to review the settlement to ensure that you are getting fair treatment.