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The benefits of collaborative divorce, part 1

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2016 | Collaborative Law |

Collaborative divorce is a method that involves both spouses working together to complete their divorce. Each party hires their own attorney but they work together through the mediation process. Collaborative divorce, a subset of divorce mediation, promises to reduce divorce costs and save everyone money, time and effort. The goals enshrined in collaborative divorce ensure that you can access the benefits of mediation without conceding your right to a full trial.

Collaborative divorce offers many benefits including that it occurs in an informal setting. An informal setting reduces the tension and angst in the room, it is an excellent way to facilitate open communication.

It also encourages the free and open exchange of information. In a traditional divorce, the parties only communicate through their attorneys, therefore most is done via email and through the courts. This slows down the entire process and can rapidly increase costs. The open communication format of collaborative divorce allows the parties to maintain some control over the proceedings.

These two factors ultimately lead to savings in time and money. Traditional divorce can take up to and over a year, depending on the situation. A collaborative divorce can be resolved in mere months. This saves you time and the emotional toll associated with a contested divorce. It is also easier on your pocketbook as you pay less in attorney and court fees.

If you do decide to attempt collaborative law make sure you hire an attorney that is in favor of mediation. Attorneys are people and just like people, they have their preferences. Many attorneys dislike mediation and actively attempt to avoid it, they prefer to specialize in contested divorces. An attorney that eschews mediation is not a good advocate for your side if you want to attempt mediation.

If you believe that divorce is the only option left for your marriage then you may want to speak to an attorney. Collaborative divorce is a far cheaper method if it works for your situation. The attorney can meet with you to determine if collaborative divorce is the correct option for you. You don’t have to resort to traditional divorce and the courts if you believe you can work out some or even all of your issues in mediation.