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Can you obtain temporary child support orders?

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2016 | Child Support

People tend to think that child support is entirely based on the final support orders issued by the court. Yes, those orders do constitute the rules for the majority of the support payments, but child support can begin even before the court starts hearing formal testimony and evidence. This post will address how you may obtain child support prior to the permanent orders.

Permanent child support orders are entered after the court considers all of the evidence and runs the factors through the child support guidelines. Conversely, temporary orders are ordered at the beginning of the dispute and last the duration of the case.

They are designed to ensure that the child continues to enjoy the same standard of living that he or she would have had but for you and your spouse separating. The temporary orders expire the moment that permanent orders are entered.

Typically, once temporary orders are issued, it is difficult to change them. It isn’t impossible, but, it is difficult. It is far simpler to ensure that the correct orders are initially entered, so you can focus on the substance of the case.

Is your spouse overstating or understating her cost of living to manipulate the temporary support orders? As stated above, you are stuck with these support orders until permanent ones are entered by the court. A lawyer can ensure that you thoroughly present your case and point out the inconsistencies in your ex-spouses’ case. You don’t need to accept their arguments as fact and law. You can contest them, a lawyer can help you fight for your rights.


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