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Methods to find a divorce lawyer

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2017 | Divorce

You probably never wanted to know how to find a divorce lawyer, but it is important to keep in your back pocket, should you, a loved one or a friend ever need one. People often fall into unwary traps and retain the wrong attorney to handle their divorce; then they are stuck with the consequences for years. This post will go over how you can find the right attorney to handle your divorce.

You may be tempted to rely on a family friend or an attorney who helped you with a prior matter, perhaps a contract dispute or claim against your insurance company. But that would be a mistake. Attorneys, like any other profession, specialize in particular practice areas. Family law is a unique practice area with its special courts and rules.

You do not want to rely on the advice of an attorney who knows little more than you do about divorce law. Instead, you can ask your friends and lawyers for referrals. You can also contact the local attorney referral service or even search on the Internet. But it is important that you are familiar with what your lawyer will need to do.

Ask about their prior cases, how complex they were, what kinds of property were addressed during these discussions, you can go over your case to get their opinion.

Divorces are forever, and the consequences will continue for years. You do not want to trust this to a second rate attorney or to a lawyer who is unfamiliar with the law.

Dealing with the end of a marriage is an emotional hurdle. If you are considering a divorce, you may want to contact a lawyer for assistance. Family divorce attorneys know how to investigate cases and litigate them. A lawyer can help you get the divorce settlement you deserve.


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