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It’s important to understand the goals of divorce mediation

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It goes without saying that divorce mediation is not the right approach for every couple. For some, such as those who simply can’t get along, litigation may be the only way to bring the relationship to an end.

However, before you do anything, you’ll want to learn more about divorce mediation. This will ensure that you’re on the right path with regard to the divorce process.

There are several benefits of mediation compared to litigation:

— Time efficient. Are you hoping to put your divorce in the past as soon as possible? If so, divorce mediation is almost always more time efficient.

— Less expensive. If you’re hoping to save money on the cost of your divorce, it’s imperative to consider mediation.

— More power. With litigation, you hand over your case to the court. With mediation, you have the opportunity for your voice to be heard. You can work directly with the other party to work through each and every detail.

Set goals

Now that you understand the benefits of divorce mediation, it’s important to outline the goals of this process:

— To create an equitable divorce agreement that both parties are comfortable signing.

— To minimize hostility during and after divorce.

— To avoid the stress and tension often associated with litigation.

Along with the above, it’s important to note that mediation is often easier on any children you may have with your soon to be ex-spouse. Since you’re not fighting in court, since the process is able to move forward in a more efficient manner, there is less impact on your children. As you know, there is nothing more important than that.

It’s easy to believe that litigation is the only way to settle your differences. While this holds true for some, you don’t want to go down this path until you first learn more about the benefits and goals of mediation.

Final note: Opting for divorce mediation does not mean you opt out of hiring a family law attorney. You can still work with an attorney every step of the way, relying on this person to provide you with legal guidance. In the end, your legal team will make sure you make the best decisions for you, your children and your future.

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