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Courts understand the importance of a dad in a child’s life

On Behalf of | May 25, 2017 | Child Custody

Throughout the United States, including Round Rock and Austin, Texas, many aspects of society have changed over the last half century, including the roles of family members. Decades ago, it was common to assume that the father or “man of the house” would be the breadwinner. They would focuse on his career during the day or night to earn an income for his family, while the mother would stay home to take care of the children and the home.

Times have certainly changed since then, as we all know. Women are now much more inclined and accepted into the workplace. And, it is common for a father to take the role as primary caretaker for the family’s children, while the mother is out working and advancing her career. These changes are now recognized in the courts, understanding that child custody is no longer often immediately assigned to the mother.

The courts want what is in the best interests of the children, and weigh heavy on each parent’s role in a child’s upbringing. When entering the courts, it is important to protect oneself and their wishes with professional support.

We take pride in working with our clients as individuals, each with their own situation, their own wants and needs and their own set of goals and wishes. There is a wealth of emotions that run through people’s minds, especially during the difficult times of a divorce. Here at Heinrich Christian PLLC, we understand how these stresses can affect a person’s life. Our attorneys have over 24 years of combined experience helping families through the difficult times of a divorce. We have offices in Round Rock, Texas, and Austin, Texas, and help clients throughout Williamson and Travis Counties.


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