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Why choose a collaborative law divorce?

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2017 | Collaborative Law |

Deciding to end a Texas marriage is a difficult one for couples to make, and for many, it is just the beginning of the process — between property distribution, child support and alimony disputes, the divorce process can be lengthy and emotionally draining. This is perhaps why there has been a recent increase in collaborative law divorces.

As opposed to the courtroom setting, a collaborative law divorce utilizes negotiation and mediation. Considered interest based negotiation, the process allows couples to focus on the issues that are important to them individually and as a couple, and work on achieving them.

By creating an emotionally safe environment for couples to express themselves, it allows couples to work on establishing a relationship in the wake of the end of the marriage — an essential step if the couple has children. This allows all family members to move forward in a positive way, as couples do not dwell on the past and on previous legal disputes.

Couples reach their goals without destroying their relationship with one another, by working with their own representatives. By keeping the conversations private, couples can resolve their disputes without the public eye on them. In fact, couples often sign an agreement to try to settle their issues outside of court and to not threaten one another with the prospect of going to court.

Cost efficient and creative, it allows couples to reach an agreement that fulfills their respective goals in an amicable manner. Collaborative law divorce is an innovative alternative to a traditional divorce that allows divorcing couples to focus on solutions rather than on litigation and talk through their issues.