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Anthony Scaramucci still going through divorce after being fired

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2017 | Divorce |

As people in Texas are aware, Anthony Scaramucci has been in the news a lot recently. Most people first learned about him when he was named communications director by President Trump. Then there was an interview that came to light and after only having the job for 10 days, he was fired. Well on top of all of this he is also going through a divorce. His wife filed for divorce earlier in July and then gave birth to their second child a couple of weeks later. There have been many rumors as to why she filed for divorce, but the couple is trying to keep the matter as private as possible.

Many people in Texas go through problems in their marriages and end up going through a divorce if they are unable to resolve them. While Scaramucci’s divorce will be much more high profile than most people’s divorces in Texas, they will still have to deal with many of the same issues. They will also be dealing with these issues in highly emotional circumstances much like most people who go through a divorce.

People going through a divorce will need to divide their property, assets and debts, which can be a complicated process in a high asset divorce. They will need to make decisions regarding child custody and parenting time plans governing when each parent will have the children. They may have to decide how much child support will be paid and perhaps if one spouse will pay spousal support to the other.

People in Texas do have options on how they will eventually resolve their divorce though.

They could go through litigation and ultimately have a judge make the decisions for them. However, they can also come to agreements on the issues and avoid a trial by utilizing divorce mediation or go through the collaborative divorce process. Experienced attorneys in Texas have handled many divorces and may be a useful guide as one goes through it.

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