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Custody interference is a serious child custody matter

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2017 | Blog |

Many people who have child custody orders follow them without a problem. However, not all parents are that lucky. There are some parents who have to deal with an ex who interferes with the child custody order.

Child custody interference is a very serious matter. In almost all cases, the child is the one who suffers most. It is imperative that all parents understand the concept of custody interference so they can avoid doing it or report it when it occurs.

Child custody and support are separate

Some parents think that there is a link between child custody and child support. This isn’t true. Child custody orders have to be followed even if child support payments aren’t being made on time. This means that parents who feel they aren’t getting the appropriate time with their children shouldn’t withhold child support. Instead, those parents can file for a child custody modification to try to get more time with the children. It also means that a parent can’t stop a child from seeing the other parent just because he or she didn’t pay child support.

Terms listed in the order aren’t just suggestions

Child custody orders likely include a schedule for when the child will spend time with each parent. This must be precisely followed. A parent who willfully disregards this order and keeps the child away from the other parent is likely interfering with child custody. When you get a child custody order, you should review it immediately to ensure that you understand what it means. Even if it occurs accidentally, child custody interference can still lead to serious legal troubles.

Decisions about the child must follow the order

Your child custody order might stipulate which parent is responsible for which decisions about the child. In some cases, the decisions have to be made jointly. The parent who has to make solo decisions in specific areas should be left to do so unless this could harm the child. If so, it might be necessary to head back to court. If both parents have to work together to make decisions, negotiations and compromises will likely be necessary, but making this work is a good example for your children.

When there are issues with the child custody order, you might need to ask the court to modify it. This can mean you have to go through a trial if you can’t work out the differences with your ex.