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Child custody: Get a co-parenting boost through technology

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2018 | Child Custody

Divorcing can eliminate many painful issues from your life, but if you share children with your ex, a split may introduce other problems. For example, many divorced Texas parents find that they have more contact with one another than is ideal. This is especially so when co-parents are not on the same page regarding child custody and visitation scheduling.

You already know how useful technology is in helping you achieve your day-to-day goals, but technology may also solve many co-parenting issues. Couples who have trouble communicating face-to-face or over the phone have found that technology can replace many contentious discussions. Even if you have a positive relationship with your ex, this tech could improve the way you and your co-parent care for your children.

Shared access to calendar apps allows you and your ex to address scheduling issues without the need for a conversation. While you could use Google calendar or other generic apps, you might want to take advantage of technology developed specifically for divorced families. For example, Custody X Change offers free and premium child custody calendars as well as other useful services.

For couples that argue over the financial side of co-parenting, opening a free or paid account with Support Pay may eliminate conflict. With this technology, both parents can view expenses related to the children. In many cases, sharing an account like this will mean fewer child custody and support disputes because both parents are informed and on the same page with regard to their kids.

Divorced couples who share children may continue to be a part of one another’s life for a long time. Anything that can reduce conflict is worth a try, but always remember that if technology fails to solve your child custody problems, a family law attorney can help. Never ignore these problems because they do not go away on their own.

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