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Mediation offers many benefits for older divorcing couples

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2018 | Divorce Mediation |

Getting divorced late in life might be smooth and easy or it might be a nightmare. How a late life divorce proceeds usually depends on where the two spouses are in terms of their relationship and their finances. In most cases, divorce mediation can expedite the process and reduce emotional stress for all parties.

For example, some older spouses agree 100 percent that it is time to end the marriage. They may even have planned to divorce after their children finished college or settled down in their own marriages. When this is the case, each spouse is usually prepared for the divorce and has already settled finances, property and other divorce issues. Divorce mediation will cost less for these couples and they may end the marriage quickly and with little pain.

In an opposite example, some people are blindsided by a sudden declaration of the intent to divorce by their spouse. In these cases, one spouse might be completely unprepared to carry on with life alone. Financial challenges are often a huge factor in these types of divorces with one spouse financially stable and the other with few prospects. Mediation can assist the less secure spouse in pursuing spousal support and in receiving a fair share of the marital property.

In our Round Rock, Texas, law firm, we have seen both sides of the late life-divorce coin. What we have learned is that those who take steps to prepare have the best chance of emerging from divorce financially secure and emotionally stable. Whether you have been planning your divorce for years or have just found out your spouse is leaving you, divorce mediation might be your best chance to protect your future. Learn more about the process by visiting us online.