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Traits of a quality collaborative divorce attorney

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When divorcing parties can work together to dissolve their marriage, it can make the process less strenuous. For this reason, the court allows a few different divorce alternatives than traditional litigation.

One of those options is collaborative divorce. Before embarking upon the process, it is important to take time to evaluate and select the best attorney for you.


Proper experience can help provide peace of mind that you are in the right hands throughout your divorce process. Also, in the slim case that the collaborative divorce process does not succeed and you must go to court, having an experienced divorce attorney in your corner can be quite beneficial. To check an attorney’s experience, you can check reviews online or consult with previous clients, if you know any.

Mediation skills

Though mediations and collaborative divorces are different processes, they share many of the same aspects. In fact, some collaborative divorce attorneys received training as mediators. Similar to other experience information, you should be able to find an attorney’s mediation experience online, or by asking the question during your initial consultation with an attorney.


A divorce can be a trying time, and the attorney you work with will be privy to many intimate details of your life. Therefore, you must feel comfortable sharing that information with your attorney. The best way to determine this is to meet with the attorney and have a conversation regarding your situation. Many attorneys provide consultations before taking on a case. Take advantage of this opportunity and the chance to understand how well you will, or will not, work together.

Many different attorneys are legally able to fulfill the task of being your representative; however, they may not all be a true fit for you. By taking the time to compare and evaluate your attorney choices, you can make an educated decision that hopefully benefits you in the long run.