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Signs your marriage is headed for divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2020 | Divorce

Your marriage may endure rough patches, no matter how strong your bond with your spouse is. Sometimes couples work together on their issues and emerge stronger. On occasion, these problems can be circumstantial or disappear on their own.

But you may find your marriage becoming untenable. As much as you might dread the prospect of divorce, it’s helpful to know if you’re heading toward it. These three signs can indicate that your marriage might soon be over.

Broken communication

While frequent arguments can cause your marriage to break down, lack of communication can devastate it as much. Disagreements are inevitable for most couples. But those who communicate – instead of ignoring their problems – have a better chance of getting through difficult times. Those who make no effort, or who are on different pages, might part ways sooner rather than later.


Some marriages weather cheating and others may even survive many affairs. Yet infidelity remains a leading cause of divorce, since many spouses find it a breach of trust and vows. Affairs might strengthen some marriages because they lead to changes that may not have occurred otherwise. But for many, they’re an indicator that their marriage is beyond saving. Furthermore, they can signal that the cheater has directed their emotions elsewhere.

Living like you’re single

Enjoying life outside of marriage can strengthen your relationship. But you might dream about spending life without your partner. You might even set goals and make financial decision that exclude your spouse. Acting like a single person, no matter how benign it seems, points to greater issues. If you have no desire or plan to curb these actions, your marriage is likely on life support.

Ignoring the warning signs of divorce is easy. You might not want to see them or could miss them through no fault of your own. If you recognize these issues in your marriage, you can figure out what steps you need to take to dissolve or fix it.


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