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Managing emotions during a divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2020 | Divorce |

When people get divorced in Texas, it is not uncommon for them to experience increased tension in the relationships in their life. People who have an understanding of how to manage their emotions may be more successful at mitigating this tension to prevent it from causing further distress in their life.

While people will benefit from keeping their emotions in check, it is just as important for them to process their feelings in healthy ways to acknowledge how their feelings and experiences may contribute to their effort to move forward. With productive coping, people can also avoid the danger of suppressing their emotions.

Respect the enemy

At the start of a divorce, the first instinct people may have is to be angry with their spouse and bitter about their situation. While these emotions are normal, Forbes suggests that people take a step back and do their best to maintain some respect for their soon-to-be-ex. While they may have no desire to continue any kind of relationship with their spouse, people who are able to be cordial and continue to respect that person as an individual may experience a much more peaceful divorce.

Assessing emotions to maintain control

In an article shared by Psychology Today, one woman suggested that people consider reflective processing to help manage their emotions in ways that are healthy and will result in understanding rather than intensified anger. People who deploy this method will remove themselves from their narrative and ask themselves why they are feeling a certain way. Doing so will allow them to identify the root of an issue instead of focusing on what is being felt which may cause them to experience a domino effect of negative emotion.