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Speaking out about domestic violence during divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2020 | Divorce

When it comes to divorce, domestic violence affects families in many different ways. Sometimes, physical, verbal or financial abuse is at the root of a marriage falling apart. However, even when couples decide to end their marriage for other reasons, it is imperative for victims of domestic violence to bring these issues up in court, especially if kids are involved. Drawing attention to domestic violence not only impacts those getting a divorce, but has the potential to impact children and their relationship with their parents as well.

If you or your child have suffered at the hands of your ex, it is imperative to focus on preventing further abuse. It is crucial for those who witness domestic violence in the family to speak out and ensure that the abuse stops. For example, courts will take these factors into careful consideration when making custody decisions and trying to find an outcome that serves a child’s best interests and protects them from any harm. Many people also need to take further action, such as securing a restraining order, to protect themselves and their family members.

For domestic violence victims, speaking out and taking action is often hard. Some are afraid of the repercussions of taking a stand while others think that the court will dismiss their claims. However, those who experience abuse need to have confidence and strength, especially if there is a possibility that abuse will continue in the family after the divorce process is complete. Read more about working through the end of a marriage and related legal topics on our website.


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