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What happens when you cannot pay child support in Texas?

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2020 | Child Support |

Many things can occur that make it difficult to meet your child support obligations. Perhaps you have lost your job or suffered a long-term illness that kept you away from work. You may believe you can catch up on your obligations soon.

However, falling behind is unwise for several reasons.

  • Your child may suffer because they are not receiving proper support.
  • You may accrue interest on the delinquent portions of your obligation.
  • You may find it harder than you think to catch up once you fall behind.
  • Your co-parent may take legal action against you

How Texas enforces child support obligations

In the eyes of the law, your child has the right to receive care and support from each parent. If you fail to meet your child support obligations, the Texas Attorney General’s office will likely intervene by using one or more enforcement methods.

  • Placing liens on your property or your financial accounts
  • Denial of your passport rights
  • Suspending your driver’s license and/or your professional licenses
  • Intercepting any lottery funds you have won
  • Reporting your delinquency to credit bureaus
  • Civil contempt proceedings, which means costly fines on top of the support you owe
  • Criminal contempt proceedings, which could land you in jail for nonpayment

If you are having trouble paying child support, the enforcement methods above will only worsen your financial situation. Instead of ignoring your circumstances, consider finding out what you can do to avoid these consequences.

In most cases, an attorney experienced in providing family law services can help. Together, you can find a lawful solution that will allow you to continue supporting your child while avoiding harsh penalties from the state. Taking a proactive approach will also help preserve the relationship you have with your child.