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Month: January 2021

Money is not the only factor in child custody cases

Determining who will have primary custody of a child is important. While many parents share custody around 50-50, many cases end with one parent having custody of the child more often than the other. The person who is the primary guardian will be the one who can...

Tips for saving your marriage

Sometimes, relationships can go awry without either people wanting them to. Both spouses can see that they are growing apart and dealing with tensions, but if they want to work on fixing the issues, there is always hope. If you are currently in a marriage that seems...

Does Texas have a low or high divorce rate?

You often hear about divorce rates in the big-picture sense -- the rate for the country or the world. But you’re not all that worried about the divorce rate in New York or Spain. It has no bearing on how likely you are to get divorced in Texas. What does the rate look...

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