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3 co-parenting tips for divorced parents

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2021 | Child Custody |

As a parent who is going through a divorce, it’s important for you to know how to co-parent with the other parent even though your marriage has ended. There are plenty of tips and tricks out there that try to encourage parents to get along or set up certain routines, but there are a few tips that are the most important of all.

Here are three of the vital tips for parents who have to co-parent with an ex. These may help you keep the peace and maintain your balance while separated from your child.

Remember to have empathy

The first thing to do is to remember to be empathetic to others in this situation. While you may be angry or frustrated, it’s helpful if you can also remember that your child may act differently because of upset or distress, too. Remember that the other parent is also trying to adjust to their responsibilities on top of caring for your child on a specific schedule. If everyone can be more empathetic, then you’ll reduce conflicts significantly.

Enjoy spending time apart

A good tip that will help prevent you from being too anxious or involved with the other parent’s parenting time is to focus on making the time apart from your child more positive. Do a hobby you love or schedule yourself to go to work on those days, so that you’re not calling too regularly or invading on the other parent’s time with your child.

Set clear boundaries

Finally, set clear boundaries. Having solid boundaries, such as what time the other parent should call or when you will pick up or drop off your child, will help you keep the custody arrangements peaceful and manageable. If the other parent is dismissive or degrading to you, speaks with you negatively or causes conflicts, consider asking for a court-monitored communication app to help.

These are three co-parenting tips for parents who have gone through or who are going through a divorce. Have empathy, set boundaries and focus on positive time apart to make this transition easier on yourself and everyone else in the relationship.