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How old is too old for a divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2022 | Divorce |

Gray divorces have become more common over the years as divorce itself has become less taboo. Many people decide to divorce in their 40s, 50s, 60s, or even later. How old is too old to divorce, though? Is there a point when divorcing hurts more than it helps?

There isn’t really a time when you’re too old to divorce, but there are special considerations to keep in mind once you get into your later years. You’ll need to think about factors such as:

  • How divorcing could impact your retirement
  • If divorcing will influence your Social Security or other benefits
  • If you will be able to maintain your quality of life when separated
  • If divorcing would cost you your access to health insurance or other necessities

Many people elect to divorce at an older age because they feel there is no point to remaining in a relationship in which they and their spouse don’t have the same goals. For example, a woman in her 70s may still want to travel and enjoy going out, but her spouse in his 80s may feel it’s best to stay home or relax. Differences in opinion, energy and goals can all influence your choice to get a divorce.

Divorce is a major change

Keep in mind that divorcing your spouse is going to cause major changes in your life. If you have children, even if they’re adults, you could find that they’re caught off-guard by your decision. You may have a harder time figuring out how you’re going to spend the holidays with family or feel guilty about separating from your spouse if they were ill or incapacitated.

You should know that people are living longer than ever, and they’re healthier for longer, too. It makes sense to consider divorce even up into your 80s or 90s if you’re healthy and don’t find joy in your relationship. It’s up to you to decide if divorcing is the right option and if you’ll be able to find the right financial balance if you do so. For some, separating without divorcing may be a better option, but for others, a divorce is the correct solution.