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Could a co-parenting app be right for you?

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2022 | Child Custody

As co-parents, you and your ex-spouse should be able to get along. You should be able to communicate clearly and agree on how to raise your children.

That isn’t always going to be the case, though. Disputes can happen, and even in the best circumstances, you can have breakdowns in communication.

That’s when a co-parenting app could be helpful for you. A good co-parenting app may help you track your physical custody schedule, keep a copy of your parenting plan and make it easier to communicate in text, so you always know what you did or did not talk about previously.

Written communication can help when tensions rise

The nice thing about written communication in co-parenting apps is that you can write, delete and rewrite what you want to say as many times as it takes to send the right message. Some people get flustered when they’re upset or angry, so it makes sense to use a co-parenting app’s text feature to handle disagreements or disputes instead.

For example, you can make a list of items your child needs for school in the app. Then, if the other parent claims you didn’t tell them, you can directly refer back to the list in written text. There can be no dispute when all the information is available somewhere both people can see it.

Scheduling is made easier with coparenting app options

Another good reason to consider a coparenting app is because of the potential to schedule on it. Since both parents are given updated schedules, there is a lower risk of miscommunications leading to last-minute switches or calls from your child asking where you are.

Consider an app to handle your co-parenting communications

While it’s important that you and the other parent communicate with each other clearly and minimize conflicts, there’s no single way that is easiest to handle these situations. Co-parenting apps may help you, at least initially, as you learn to work together and to build a routine that works for your children. You’ll have materials you can reference when you need them, and you’ll have a place where you can communicate clearly with one another.


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