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Child support: What if you can’t find your co-parent?

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2022 | Child Support |

It is undeniably hard to raise and provide for a child as a single parent. Most families need two incomes to meet the expected and unexpected challenges of raising a child.

Before the Texas child support division can enforce your co-parent’s obligations, it must know where they are. Unfortunately, many were abandoned by their co-parent or do not know where they currently reside.

The child support office can help locate parents

To say it is difficult to hide from government offices in the 21st century is an understatement. When these agencies have a starting point, they can usually find parents and enforce their child support obligations.

First, they need the legal name of the co-parent (mother or father) to begin searching. You can help by providing the child support division with all you know about your co-parent. Examples include:

  • Co-parent’s Social Security number: This is the most vital piece of information child support offices need to locate an absent co-parent as these numbers link to employment records.
  • Co-parent place of work: If you know where your co-parent works or last worked, such information can aid the division in locating them.
  • Co-parent personal details: In addition to their name, provide other information you might know, such as their birthdate, birthplace and parents’ names.

The child support division will use this information to search for your co-parent locally and across the country. The office will take steps to enforce your child’s right to parental support once they find your co-parent.

It can help to talk with a family law professional for more insight into child support in Round Rock. Learning more about state child support laws is another critical step in the right direction.