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Going through a divorce? Talk to your child’s teachers

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2022 | Child Custody

If you’re getting divorced and you have children who are in school, they’re probably returning to school soon. As such, it may be wise to talk to their teachers about the upcoming divorce. If this is something you’re family decided on over the summer, it’s a major change. It can help teachers if you let them know. 

You certainly don’t have to do so. There are very few people that you have to inform about your divorce. And many couples do decide to keep it private. But there are some good reasons to talk to the teacher.

Your child may act differently at school

First and foremost, your child may act differently or have conflicts and struggles they didn’t experience before. The teacher may be very confused about why this is happening, but knowing that the divorce is occurring can help the teacher react appropriately to these stressors that are causing the changes in your child’s behavior.

The child’s grades may decline

Additionally, some children see their grades decline during a divorce. This may simply be because the parents are quite busy finalizing the divorce, or the child may just feel a bit disconnected from school at this time.

The teacher is a support system

Finally, many children see their teachers as their support system. After their parents, no one is closer to them and gives them more daily assistance. This is especially true for younger children in elementary school or preschool.

Moving forward

It’s good that you’re thinking about your children’s well-being as you move toward divorce. Continue to look into the legal steps you can take to put them first and consider all the options that you have.


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