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What to do if your ex does not follow the divorce order

You may breathe a sigh of relief once the divorce is final, believing you can move on with your life now and that the worst is over. While coming to the divorce agreement may have been the worst part in your case, the struggle may not be over. Your ex could continue to be uncooperative and contentious even after the divorce proceedings are complete.

3 tips for getting a quick divorce

If your marriage is ending soon, you may have concerns about how long the divorce will take. The duration of your divorce will depend on how amicable you are with your spouse, but contrary to popular belief, divorce does not need to take forever. 

Is your prenuptial agreement valid?

Prenuptial agreements are becoming increasingly common. Maybe you signed one yourself some years ago. However, time has passed and circumstances have changed. If you are now contemplating divorce, you may be wondering whether the court will still enforce that agreement.

Keep your divorce out of court

Innovators often begin with simply wondering if there might be a better way. Airbnb began when a couple of guys couldn’t pay their rent, blew up a few air mattresses in the living room, and charged $80 a piece for them. They took that idea and turned it business worth more than $10 billion—a valuation that surpasses even hotel giant Hyatt.

How your social media accounts can affect your divorce

Your social media posts may be used to build a strong case against you in court if you’re not careful. Heated divorce cases can lead people to take drastic measures. A vengeful ex may even resort to stalking your online accounts in order to gather personal information that could sabotage your character.

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