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When is one eligible to receive spousal maintenance in Texas?

When people in Texas are married, they generally share their assets. Both spouses' incomes may be used to pay for a home, food, clothing, recreational activities, entertainment and many other expenses. The couple may become accustomed to a certain lifestyle based on their shared income. However, if the couple divorces, they will need to learn how to live off just one income.

Anthony Scaramucci still going through divorce after being fired

As people in Texas are aware, Anthony Scaramucci has been in the news a lot recently. Most people first learned about him when he was named communications director by President Trump. Then there was an interview that came to light and after only having the job for 10 days, he was fired. Well on top of all of this he is also going through a divorce. His wife filed for divorce earlier in July and then gave birth to their second child a couple of weeks later. There have been many rumors as to why she filed for divorce, but the couple is trying to keep the matter as private as possible.

We offer more than litigation for divorce property division

Ending a marriage is a difficult step, and when a Texas resident does decide to take that step, they need someone they can trust on their side. Someone who can understand that this is an emotional time and represent them and their long-term interests. During the divorce process, it is important to ensure all the complicated paperwork is completed accurately, otherwise, there may me legal pitfalls down the road.

How does property distribution take place in Texas?

If a divorcing couple does not have children, the most contentious divorce legal issue they will face at the end of their marriage will be that of property division. Ideally, the couple can agree with one another as to how they will divide their property, but this rarely happens and courts must decide how to divide it.

What should a parenting plan cover?

As much as Texas residents would like to believe they can simply pick up and move on after their marriage has ended, this clean break is not entirely possible if the couple had children. Even though the couple's legal relationship with one another is finished, they are still going to consult one another with regards to decisions about the children. And, research has demonstrated time and time again that co-parenting is the best approach to raise children after a divorce.

A prenuptial agreement can spare headaches in a divorce

Of course, the last thing one wants to think about is the end of a marriage before they are even married. But, the reality in Texas and around the country is that approximately half of all marriages will ultimately end in divorce. And, as most Americans have experienced or heard, divorces can be costly and messy.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner file for divorce

Although the writing may have been on the wall for a few years, it is now official: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are divorcing. Following their previous announcement in 2015 of their separation, they were still working to reconcile and reunite. They went on vacations together and always spoke highly of one another in public. But, it was not meant to be, and many Texans may be surprised as a result.

How you can protect your intellectual property in a divorce

Divorce almost always gets ugly. It gets even more ugly if there is a significant amount of money, assets, and businesses involve. The difficult of a high asset divorce can be mitigated through the use of a prenuptial agreement. A prenup is a pre-marital contract that outlines the rules should a divorce occur, it streamlines and reduces costs in the process. An increasingly popular sub-type of a prenuptial agreement are ones that deal with the division of intellectual property or ideas.

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