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How many ways can you get divorced? Part 1

There are four general "types" of divorce: the do-it-yourself, mediation, collaborative, and litigated divorce. Each of these styles possesses their pros and cons. Some may be cheaper. Some only work if both spouses are cooperative, while some other favor the spouse with greater financial flexibility. This post will briefly discuss each method to divorce.

Mediation as an alternative for high conflict divorce

This post will highlight some of facts that surround high conflict divorces. A high conflict divorce is a divorce that involves two wealth people who are unable to resolve their differences. These divorces can take years and cost thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Why do some divorcing couples choose mediation over litigation?

Sometimes Texas couples put off filing for divorce because they fear the trauma and unpleasantness typically associated with litigated divorces. Fortunately, other options are available that not only allow couples to make many of the important decisions related to their post-divorce lives, but it is also less time consuming and less costly. Family law mediation provides divorcing couples with a platform to peacefully negotiate contentious issues.

Divorce mediation isn't for everyone

Modern divorce is a complicated and expensive endeavor. Even if you believe that you and your ex-spouse agree on everything, issues can pop up like who gets the fondue set or commemorative glasses. Simple things like this can torpedo a carefully negotiated divorce settlement. This is why the legal system has adopted several techniques to encourage people to settle their issues. One of these techniques isĀ mediation. Divorce mediation is a great idea for many couples, but it isn't for everyone.

What is mediation and why would I need representation during it?

Regardless of how much you and your current spouse can agree on how much you disagree, or how much you both would benefit from a divorce, once you have begun the process and are carrying it out, waters can get murky. Terminating a relationship and carrying out the division of assets, being deluged with the extended family's involvement and emotional backlash, and setting up a new life sans partner can make you feel like you are swimming against the current at the edge of a waterfall.

Reaching a sustainable agreement in divorce mediation

In our last post, we began looking at the topic of divorce mediation, and specifically some of the qualities couples need to exercise during the mediation process in order for it to be effective in resolving disputes. As we noted, effective divorce mediation is really not possible if a couple isn't ready to have the right attitude in approaching it.

Qualities couples need to bring to the table for effective mediation

Divorce can obviously be a contentious process for some couples, and the more contentious the divorce is, the more difficult it is to work through disputes in property division, child custody and visitation. Couples who ultimately cannot come to an agreement have to get a judge involved in these decisions, but this often isn't an ideal situation.                 

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