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How to re-marry your ex-partner

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2016 | Divorce

Several experts are finding that ex-couples are re-marrying at increasing rates. Some marriage counselors even offer specialized programs to assist those couples with addressing the problems from their first marriage. Whether or not you should re-marry your ex-spouse depends on your particular situation. But if you are considering remarriage, here is some information to consider.

Divorce rates for subsequent marriages are significantly higher than for first-time couples. For example, 60 to 67 percent of second marriages end in divorce. And for third marriages, the rate is even higher at 73 to 74 percent. There are no studies that examine the divorce rate for remarriages, but many experts agree it is around 70 percent.

Additionally, if you do not address the underlying issues from your first marriage, your re-marriage is likely in trouble. Marriages end because people do not communicate effectively and fail to develop good marriage habits. Good habits are critical for a marriage to succeed, just as they are critical for remaining healthy and succeeding at work.

It is possible to address these problems and succeed during your second marriage, but it takes work. Moreover, it is important that both people recognize the role that they played in the demise of their first marriage. Playing the blame game never has a good result.

If you are considering remarriage, you may want to speak with an attorney. No one likes talking about it, but prenuptial agreements are a good tool to manage any possible bad outcomes. You may not want to go into your re-marriage with a prenuptial agreement but consider that things happen, and you don’t know what the future holds. An attorney can help you prepare for your second marriage to ensure that you are protected.


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