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3 tips for getting a quick divorce

If your marriage is ending soon, you may have concerns about how long the divorce will take. The duration of your divorce will depend on how amicable you are with your spouse, but contrary to popular belief, divorce does not need to take forever. The truth...

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Is your prenuptial agreement valid?

Prenuptial agreements are becoming increasingly common. Maybe you signed one yourself some years ago. However, time has passed and circumstances have changed. If you are now contemplating divorce, you may be wondering whether the court will still enforce that...

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Pension division in a Texas divorce

The division of property is a large part of the divorce process. Depending upon the state that couples live in, the division of assets during divorce can take different forms.It is important that parties understand the different aspects of this process. In...

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Keep your divorce out of court

Innovators often begin with simply wondering if there might be a better way. Airbnb began when a couple of guys couldn’t pay their rent, blew up a few air mattresses in the living room, and charged $80 a piece for them. They took that idea and turned it business...

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