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Gosselin custody battle holds lesson for every divorced parent

A little over a decade ago, Jon and Kate Gosselin's family fascinated America. The couple, already parents to twin daughters, added sextuplets to the family -- and a reality television show propelled them all into the limelight.

It wasn't long before viewers got to watch the couple's marriage fall apart. The couple had an acrimonious divorce just a couple years after their reality show started. Kate got the physical custody of the kids and continued the (revamped) reality show without Jon.

Texas custody battle hinges on child's transgender identity

A lot of divorcing parents end up at odds over their children -- but a Texas case is putting the issue of transgender rights in the spotlight.

In the middle of this case is a 6-year child, a biological male. According to the child's mother, the child is transgendered and lives as a girl in her home. The father, however, insists that the child "violently" refuses to wear female clothing in his presence or home.

How long can you expect the divorce process to last?

Although the divorce rate has declined substantially in most parts of the country, there are cities around the state of Texas that have much higher rates than average. For example, the city of Bonham has a married population of 39.3 percent, which is much higher to the divorced population of the entire state. 

Every situation is different, and some cities may be able to process divorces faster than others. There are some factors to keep in mind to get a better understanding of how long your particular divorce process will last. 

Can child custody be modified after divorce?

Unlike death and taxes, child custody decrees are not set in stone. Though at the time of divorce, Round Rock area courts use every possible factor to determine custody for the best interests of the child, material and substantial circumstances can occur that require a change in the original child custody order. 

Modification is not applicable to every situation. To qualify, the petitioning parent must prove that the request is valid, necessary and for the betterment of the child. Common circumstances that result in child custody changes include the following: 

  • Voluntarily relinquishment of custody
  • Relocation issues
  • The child is old enough to have input about the order
  • Dire change in health, finances, employment and living conditions 

Money mistakes you want to avoid in a divorce

Ending a marriage can be hard, no matter what your age or your income bracket. However, the higher your income and the greater your assets, the larger the potential errors you can make.

Some of the most common financial mistakes that people make during a divorce include:

Why you might want to consider a mediated divorce

Divorce mediation is a process that essentially rewrites the old rules for divorce. In the past, each party typically found the most aggressive attorney they could afford in order to carve out their fair share of the marital assets and tried to get what they wanted as far as child custody and support.

That's just not how a lot of people are approaching divorce these days. Maybe that's why divorce mediation is growing in popularity.

Do separate bedrooms mean the end of your marriage?

Once upon a time, couples who could afford separate bedrooms always slept apart. A private bedroom -- and private bed -- were seen as luxuries that were to be enjoyed, not a sign of a troubled marriage.

Times, of course, have changed. It had become pretty much the norm for married couples to sleep in the same bed unless their marriage was in trouble -- until recently. In the last few years, experts say that more couples seem to be sleeping apart again.

Will new tax laws on alimony affect your divorce?

New tax laws are coming into effect on January 1, 2019, and the laws cover several areas in which taxpayers can claim deductions, such as alimony payments. Taxation on alimony is an important factor to consider when facing divorce because you need to know whether you will be responsible for paying taxes on that money.

If you are already divorced, you should know that the new tax laws will not affect your already-established alimony payments. You will continue to make payments as you always have, and the taxation regime will remain the same. However, if you will finalize your divorce anytime starting in 2019, you should understand how these changes work.

Preparing for your first divorce mediation session

Even if you're looking forward to getting your divorce in motion, it's normal to be a bit apprehensive about your upcoming mediation session. Most people have never been in a mediation session before, and the lack of familiarity alone is enough to make anybody anxious.

Here are some of the most practical things you can do to prepare for your first divorce mediation session:

3 tips for talking to your children about your divorce

Divorce is often a difficult and challenging time for anyone, but when you have children, you have to consider not only your emotional well-being, but theirs as well. It can be difficult to maintain emotional balance during a divorce while providing a constant, stable and reassuring presence for your children at the same time.

Despite the challenges of moving through a divorce with your children, many people do so successfully every day. There are some proven strategies that can help you weather this period together with your children in a way that will help them, and you, build resilience and trust. 

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