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Preparing for your first divorce mediation session

Even if you're looking forward to getting your divorce in motion, it's normal to be a bit apprehensive about your upcoming mediation session. Most people have never been in a mediation session before, and the lack of familiarity alone is enough to make anybody anxious.

Here are some of the most practical things you can do to prepare for your first divorce mediation session:

3 tips for talking to your children about your divorce

Divorce is often a difficult and challenging time for anyone, but when you have children, you have to consider not only your emotional well-being, but theirs as well. It can be difficult to maintain emotional balance during a divorce while providing a constant, stable and reassuring presence for your children at the same time.

Despite the challenges of moving through a divorce with your children, many people do so successfully every day. There are some proven strategies that can help you weather this period together with your children in a way that will help them, and you, build resilience and trust. 

The continuing complications of same-sex divorce

Obtaining the legal right to marry was a major hurdle for same-sex couples. Now, the newest hurdle some of those couples face is getting a fair divorce.

The patchwork quilt of laws regarding same-sex unions that existed for several decades in the nation has left a legacy of issues that same-sex couples still can't escape if their union predates the Obergefell decision by the Supreme Court -- even if their marriage doesn't.

What matters can you address in a parenting plan?

Navigating your way through a divorce or separation is rarely easy, but there are certain steps you can take along the way to help ease the burden and avoid potential problems down the line. For example, one way many divorcing couples help eliminate tension between them and set clear boundaries both parents can agree to involves creating what is known as a parenting plan.

While the contents of parenting plans vary broadly from one family to the next, most former couples create parenting plans to set guidelines about how they plan to raise their children now that they no longer do so together. So, just what types of matters can you and your former partner address in such an agreement?

How can divorce improve your life?

There's a lot to be said about focusing on the "silver lining" in any dark cloud -- and divorce is no exception.

No matter what precipitated the split in your marriage, it's normal to mourn a little over your marriage. If you're struggling to keep a positive perspective about your situation, here are some reminders about the potential benefits of divorce:

Pitt, Jolie child custody battle intensifies

The marriage and divorce of celebrities Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has captured the attention of many people in the nation -- and there are signs that the drama is far from over.

The Hollywood power couple split about two years ago amid nasty allegations that Pitt had abused one of the children and had a substance-abuse problem. Since then, there's been little sign that the two have found any sort of common ground. Now, there are indications that the custody battle over their six children is likely to get even more intense.

Stay off social media during a divorce

In the new digital age, social media has become increasingly prevalent. It has become commonplace in numerous industries, including law. Social media posts frequently come up in new divorce proceedings as evidence to show how one spouse does not need as much alimony as he or she claims. 

In addition to not giving the spouse self-incriminating evidence, there are many other reasons why people going through divorce proceedings need to stay off Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If for no other reason, putting the smartphone down once in a while will be good for your emotional health. 

5 things to remember as your prepare for divorce

No matter how much you might hope otherwise, divorce is sometimes inevitable. The longer you've been married, however, the harder it can be to suddenly find yourself responsible for your own finances.

While every situation is different, these are some of the basic things you need to keep in mind when you're preparing financially for a divorce:

In what ways can mediation be beneficial for children?

As you know, divorce is usually hard on children. You and your spouse have been separated for several weeks and you can already see signs that your children are suffering. They might be acting out, doing poorly in school, showing signs of depression or expressing worries that they are to blame. As you and other Texas couples in the middle of a divorce might suspect, the contention of a divorce can add a great deal of stress to young people’s shoulders.

Is there a way to end my marriage without the contention being too much for my kids, you might wonder? If you and your spouse can keep an open mind and discuss matters civilly without trying to undermine each other, you might consider divorce mediation. In addition to the benefits of being more cost-effective and less time-consuming than fighting it out in court, mediation can be especially effective if you have child custody or visitation matters but want to shield your children from the conflict.

Consider a buyout as an alternative to monthly alimony payments

Spousal support isn't really anyone's favorite thing to think about. The paying spouse often resents having to turn over part of his or her paycheck to the receiving spouse each month. The receiving spouse often hates the idea of still being dependent on monthly payments from his or her ex.

That may be why a lot of people jump on the idea of a buyout. Spousal support buyouts allow the paying spouse to transfer assets to the receiving spouse in one lump sum, instead of making a monthly payment.

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