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How to maintain your privacy during your divorce

Separating your life from your spouse during and after a divorce can be difficult. Aside from the financial entanglements you have, you may also share some social ties that aren't easily divided or broken.

Here's a basic guide on how you start building some privacy from your spouse as soon as you decide to divorce and after the divorce occurs:

3 ways to handle the house after your divorce

You've made your decision, and you're getting a divorce. Now, the big question: What do you do with the house?

For whatever reason, you don't want to sell it. Maybe you have young children or teens, and you don't want to uproot them at a fragile time in their lives. Perhaps you don't have enough equity in the property yet to sell it and come out on top. You may have simply grown attached to your home, your neighborhood and your life where you are.

Does declaring fault expedite the divorce process?

Marriages dissolve for countless reasons. Fractured relationships may mean more amicable breakups, while extreme circumstances can complicate divorce proceedings tremendously. The human instinct to assign blame in any conflict may make an at-fault divorce an appealing option for some distraught spouses. Determining fault is not as simple as it may seem, however.

Not every state allows at-fault dissolutions of marriage; Texas does. Will pursuing this course of action expedite your divorce? Your specific circumstances hold the answer to this question.

How seniors can have a fulfilling life after divorce

As you get older, your perspective and goals may change, such as regarding marriage and divorce. Perhaps you stuck through an unhealthy, unhappy marriage due to social expectations or children. Now that divorce holds less social shame and the children are grown and gone, you may be considering finally ending the relationship.

You are not alone. Gray divorce, or marital splits for those over 50, is on the rise for many reasons. Maybe you are hesitant to follow suit due to fears of life after divorce. While divorce is always stressful and emotional, life afterward can be full of hope if you make the right choices.

New bill aims to help Texas grandparents with visitation

Sometimes, a divorce doesn't just disrupt a single household. Instead, it can tear apart a family and prevent grandparents from continuing to enjoy a healthy relationship with their grandchildren.

A new proposal before the state's lawmakers hopes to change that. House Bill 575, which was initiated by Representative Harold Dutton Jr., is designed to help what supporters call "estranged in-laws" gain access to their grandchildren following the divorce of the children's parents.

Is it possible to have a 'peaceful' divorce?

Is a "peaceful" divorce even possible? Aren't all divorces filled with so much emotional and financial upheaval that conflict is guaranteed?

"Not so," say the experts. Just like most of life's trials, the way that you approach the situation tends to dictate how stressful a divorce will become.

How to prevent a second divorce

Going through a divorce is a traumatic event, no matter how amicable the process was. You mourn the lost dream you had of sustaining a long-term, happy marriage. You face many conflicting emotions, such as confusion, anger, sorrow and relief.

Although it may have come with the silver lining of learning things about yourself, your ex and relationships in general, you likely do not want to go through divorce again. It is best to be prepared on how to avoid a subsequent legal split before you jump back into the dating pool if you so desire, so you can lower the high risk of divorce that comes with a second marriage.

Common myths about divorce mediation

Divorce mediation is a common occurrence in today's world. It is an alternative that many divorcing couples use to appearing in court. Mediation is a great way to have your divorce attorney help you get what you want from the divorce. Today, we will take a look at the most common myths about divorce mediation so you go into the process with a clear understanding.

The most common myth is that you absolutely need the mediator to be on your side if you want to win. This is confusing mediation with arbitration, where an arbiter will hear both sides of the argument and then issue a ruling based on the evidence presented. A mediator cannot make a decision in mediation. He or she can only help the couple move towards a decision.

Financial facts every divorcing couple should understand

If you're just about to get divorced, there are some financial facts about being a couple that you need to understand. You and your spouse have been financially tied together since the day you married -- whether that's a good thing or not -- and getting untied again may not be a simple task.

Here are some basic facts you need to keep in mind:

Try not to sabotage your divorce on social media

When it comes to divorce in Travis and Williamson Counties, what you post on social media could derail your settlement. Though social media is a common platform for you to vent your feelings and share details of your life with others, you may want to rethink what you share moving forward until your divorce is final.

Divorce is never easy, especially if you and your spouse cannot come to terms on child custody, spousal support and the division of certain marital assets. If you plan to keep using social media during the proceedings, keep these pointers in mind.

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