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5 things to remember as your prepare for divorce

No matter how much you might hope otherwise, divorce is sometimes inevitable. The longer you've been married, however, the harder it can be to suddenly find yourself responsible for your own finances.

While every situation is different, these are some of the basic things you need to keep in mind when you're preparing financially for a divorce:

In what ways can mediation be beneficial for children?

As you know, divorce is usually hard on children. You and your spouse have been separated for several weeks and you can already see signs that your children are suffering. They might be acting out, doing poorly in school, showing signs of depression or expressing worries that they are to blame. As you and other Texas couples in the middle of a divorce might suspect, the contention of a divorce can add a great deal of stress to young people’s shoulders.

Is there a way to end my marriage without the contention being too much for my kids, you might wonder? If you and your spouse can keep an open mind and discuss matters civilly without trying to undermine each other, you might consider divorce mediation. In addition to the benefits of being more cost-effective and less time-consuming than fighting it out in court, mediation can be especially effective if you have child custody or visitation matters but want to shield your children from the conflict.

Consider a buyout as an alternative to monthly alimony payments

Spousal support isn't really anyone's favorite thing to think about. The paying spouse often resents having to turn over part of his or her paycheck to the receiving spouse each month. The receiving spouse often hates the idea of still being dependent on monthly payments from his or her ex.

That may be why a lot of people jump on the idea of a buyout. Spousal support buyouts allow the paying spouse to transfer assets to the receiving spouse in one lump sum, instead of making a monthly payment.

3 tips for having an affordable divorce

Divorce can be hard on your emotions and your wallet. Your concerns over financial strain may make you afraid to move forward with the process, even if you are unhappy in your marriage. Thankfully, not all divorces need to be expensive. 

In fact, ending your marriage can be quite affordable. Here are some tips for getting a low-cost divorce:

For the wealthy, this may be a good time to divorce

If you're like a lot of people considering divorce, you may be delaying a final decision for any number of reasons. Maybe you still aren't sure the marriage is over. Perhaps you hate the thought of disrupting your life with all the upheaval that comes with divorce.

Unfortunately, time may be running out on a provision in the tax laws that makes it much easier to settle the issue of spousal support. If you're in an affluent marriage that's troubled, the changes that are set to take effect in January 2019 may be a big concern.

What happens when your spouse comes out as transgender?

A lot of people only come to realizations about their gender identity after years of searching for answers to unspoken questions. By that time, some have married, and their spouses also have to deal with their transitions if they come out as transgender.

If your spouse is transitioning from one gender to another, what does that mean for your marriage? What is your role in his or her life now? This issue is increasingly common, and you will need to carefully consider how you move forward.

Divorce mediation can help solve thorny issues

When two people disentangle from each other legally and perhaps emotionally, thorny issues are likely to result. For instance, who gets to keep the house? Who is responsible for the credit card debts? Is spousal support in the picture? If there are children, the issues tend to multiply. Custody is often a primary concern, and the parents may disagree in areas such as where the children spend holidays and how much internet use to allow them.

Whew! It all sounds like a lot to explore and like it is asking too much from two parties who have constantly changing feelings about each other. However, many couples have gone into divorce mediation and resolved the trickiest of issues.

Mediation offers many benefits for older divorcing couples

Getting divorced late in life might be smooth and easy or it might be a nightmare. How a late life divorce proceeds usually depends on where the two spouses are in terms of their relationship and their finances. In most cases, divorce mediation can expedite the process and reduce emotional stress for all parties.

For example, some older spouses agree 100 percent that it is time to end the marriage. They may even have planned to divorce after their children finished college or settled down in their own marriages. When this is the case, each spouse is usually prepared for the divorce and has already settled finances, property and other divorce issues. Divorce mediation will cost less for these couples and they may end the marriage quickly and with little pain.

Modifying a child support order in Texas

When a Texas couple divorces with young children, the divorce judgment will include a child support order. Courts order support amounts based on legal guidelines as well as their assessment of the children's best interests.

It can happen that, over time, circumstances will change in the years following the divorce, and you may want to look into obtaining a modification of the original order. It is important to do this correctly, as mistakes can lead to serious practical and legal problems.

Child custody: Get a co-parenting boost through technology

Divorcing can eliminate many painful issues from your life, but if you share children with your ex, a split may introduce other problems. For example, many divorced Texas parents find that they have more contact with one another than is ideal. This is especially so when co-parents are not on the same page regarding child custody and visitation scheduling.

You already know how useful technology is in helping you achieve your day-to-day goals, but technology may also solve many co-parenting issues. Couples who have trouble communicating face-to-face or over the phone have found that technology can replace many contentious discussions. Even if you have a positive relationship with your ex, this tech could improve the way you and your co-parent care for your children.

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