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Suspect your spouse is cheating? Keep an eye out for these signs

Few things can end a marriage as quickly as infidelity. If you have ever suspected your spouse of seeing someone on the side, you probably understand all too well just how devastating this can be. Often, spouses who have suspicions about their significant others have reason to feel the way they do. In many cases, unfaithful spouses exercise some of the same signs.

Thus, if you believe your spouse of committing adultery, know that the following signs may indicate that he or she is doing so.

Why it's okay to celebrate a same-sex divorce

Same-sex couples fought so long for the right to be legally married in the United States that many people both within and without the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community treat a same-sex divorce as something akin to a tragedy of epic proportions.

It's really not. In fact, some same-sex couples have found that they have as much reason to celebrate their same-sex divorce as they did their marriage.

Texan faces charges over divorce fraud

A 51-year-old Texan apparently thought he'd found a convenient way to get a no-hassle divorce -- one that didn't require him to discuss the issue with his wife. To that end, he quietly forged his wife's signature on some forms for the court and lied under oath.

Then, his wife found out. After a bitter argument with his wife over some extravagant purchases he had made, the man informed her that they were no longer married. When she looked into the issue and found the divorce papers with her forged signature, she called the police with a complaint. The divorce was voided, and the husband in this case now faces up to a decade in prison for aggravated perjury.

4 tips for a smooth child custody handoff

If you share custody of your children with a former spouse or someone else, you likely cherish the time you have with your kids. Eventually, though, you must handoff the young ones in your family to their other parent. If you are not careful, a simple custody exchange can turn into a nightmare. 

When creating your co-parenting arrangement, you likely had the opportunity to negotiate a custody agreement or parenting plan. While adding details about the custody handoff in either agreement is a good idea, you can also do a few things to ensure a smooth exchange. Here are four suggestions: 

Parenting issues following divorce: Handling new relationships

Being a parent is tough, no matter what's going on -- but the difficulties you encounter can take on new dimensions when you're divorced.

One of the most common issues divorced parents have to face is the question of when to introduce a significant other to their child -- because eventually either you or your ex-spouse will likely move on and find someone new.

Relocation for a new job and your child custody agreement

Let us say you have been divorced for three years. Your son Michael is 10 years old now. Although he resides with the other parent, the two of you enjoy spending time together.

Your current child custody arrangement has worked well, but change happens. You are in line for a new job with better pay, but it involves relocation. Will the court approve custody agreement modification?

Thinking of divorce? What should you do first?

Nobody enjoys the prospect of a divorce. Whether you expect the process to be clean or messy, the painful reality is that a "good" divorce is one that has been carefully planned.

Want to know what divorce lawyers wish all their clients knew before they tell their spouse they want a divorce? Here are the tips they offer:

Traits of a quality collaborative divorce attorney

When divorcing parties can work together to dissolve their marriage, it can make the process less strenuous. For this reason, the court allows a few different divorce alternatives than traditional litigation.

One of those options is collaborative divorce. Before embarking upon the process, it is important to take time to evaluate and select the best attorney for you.

How do you set boundaries with your co-parent?

Setting boundaries is something a lot of people struggle to achieve in their personal relationships. That struggle can intensify when you're also rewriting the rules and revamping the boundaries that once existed with someone who has gone from "spouse" to "co-parent" through divorce.

Here are some good ways to establish healthy boundaries with your ex-spouse surrounding co-parenting:

Why is divorce mediation growing in popularity?

Nobody stands in front of a minister or judge on their wedding day and thinks about getting divorced -- but divorces happen. When they do, a lot of couples want to salvage some kind of relationship with their ex-spouse, even if they don't have kids. After all, it's perfectly possible for two very decent people to just make a bad match.

Hence, the rise in popularity of mediated divorces. Years ago, divorces tended to go one of two ways: Either both parties agreed on everything and had an uncontested divorce, or they hit a sticking point and fought it out through litigation.

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