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How to tell divorce is coming

On Behalf of | Dec 25, 2018 | Uncategorized

With a new year here, you may be contemplating divorce, along with many other Americans. January is a popular month for people to begin the divorce process, and March has the highest number of marriages ending, reports CNN.

Your spouse may be thinking the same thing, but you may not be sure it is something you want to do. On the other hand, perhaps you are completely content in your relationship but worry your partner is not. How can you tell a divorce may be coming?

Signs of an imminent divorce

Watch for these common signs in your spouse to determine if divorce papers are heading your way:

  • Spending less time at home
  • Not talking to or including you anymore (emotional disengagement)
  • Putting more effort into personal appearance
  • Placing more attention on the children or on people and activities outside the marriage
  • Making large purchases
  • Giving property to family and friends for protection (which is illegal)
  • Having a decrease in intimate activity
  • Fighting more, especially about little things
  • Seeming unhappy for no other reason

Even if you do not see any of these red flags, divorce may be a high risk if you meet other criteria. For example, those who exhibit certain negative behaviors during conflict have a greater chance of splitting up, says Psych Central. Other factors include one of you changing values or experiencing a major life change, such as employment loss or health problems.

How to respond to suspicions

Even if you want to keep your marriage together, it is smart to prepare for whatever happens. Be aware of your financial standing, and inventory your marital assets. Speak to a counselor to process your emotions and to learn ways to handle the stress of uncertainty. Review your legal options and state laws to ensure you do not make a mistake that could affect divorce.


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