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Protecting Your Right To Child Custody

Many people mistakenly believe that child custody is all-or-nothing: You either have custody, or you have visitation for a few hours per week or a few weekends per year.

Fortunately, custody is far more flexible than most people think. It can be tailored to suit the particular needs of each family. There are many custody options which can be more fully discussed with an experienced family law attorney.

Child Custody In Texas

In Texas, custody is a broad concept. It encompasses two separate parts:

  • Conservatorship: that is, the rights, duties and decision-making power of parents
  • Possession and access: that is, the visitation component of physically spending time with the child

In most cases, parents will be appointed joint managing conservators. That doesn’t mean joint custody. That means both parents have equal say over major decisions in the child’s life. Joint managing conservatorship does not mean the child splits his or her time equally between both parents.

While there are possession and access guidelines established by Texas law, the courts can consider other factors in setting up a visitation schedule such as:

  • The child’s age
  • The parent’s work schedule
  • Parental involvement in the child’s life
  • The child’s wishes (at a certain age)
  • Educational or other needs of the child

There Is No Such Thing As A Cookie-Cutter Case

The takeaway is that there is no cookie-cutter approach to child custody. It is a mistake to simply assume that one parent will get full custody, leaving the other parent with nothing. There are no foregone conclusions in child custody cases, which is why hiring a family law attorney is crucial.

At Heinrich Christian, PLLC, we regularly help families reach workable custody arrangements.

With more than 25 years of experience in family law, our attorneys are well-versed in the intricacies of custody cases.

If you are facing a child custody dispute, either inside or outside the context of divorce, hiring an attorney can help you achieve a more positive outcome. We can work together to reach a feasible arrangement suited to your family’s unique needs.

If your child custody order is finalized, but the custody terms need to be modified, we can help you evaluate your options.

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