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Understanding The Benefits Of Collaborative Divorce

Traditional divorce can be a destructive, time-consuming and expensive process. Often, the divorcing parties end up wasting vast amounts of resources on court battles that don’t result in solutions that are feasible for the long term. If there are children involved, courtroom divorces can also have a harmful emotional impact on both the children and the parents’ ability to effectively co-parent down the road.

Fortunately, Texas law offers an alternative.

Collaborative divorce is a respectful, cooperative and solution-oriented process that avoids many of the downfalls of traditional divorces.

Why Choose Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce is often described as a family-friendly divorce because it allows the parties to brainstorm outcomes and tailor them to their family’s unique needs. Collaborative law offers many benefits that simply aren’t attainable in traditional divorces such as:

  • An open process where each party can contribute in a positive manner
  • More flexibility
  • Minimized stress and pressure
  • Free and complete exchange of information in order to generate solutions
  • Customizable resolutions
  • Minimized expense, compared to litigation
  • Outcomes aren’t forced on parties, as they would be in court
  • Parties are in control of the pace
  • Ability to preserve relationships for functioning effectively in the long term

Why Is It Important To Seek Legal Counsel?

Despite the many benefits of collaborative divorce, this alternative is not for everyone. Before jumping in, it is important to weigh the pros and cons as they pertain to your particular situation. It is crucial to seek legal counsel so you can fully evaluate your options.

Our lawyers can help you explore your options and determine whether collaborative divorce is a smart decision. Whether you choose traditional divorce, negotiate through mediation, or collaborative divorce, we can provide caring and personalized representation to help you protect your rights and interests as well as achieve your goals.

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