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We Can Help Seek Modifications Or Enforce Court Orders

Child custody and support orders are not necessarily permanent. When life changes, the existing arrangements may no longer be feasible.

Unfortunately, the process for modifying child custody and child support is not easy. Courts take modifications very seriously. In fact, courts generally resist changing child custody and support orders. Enlisting the help of an attorney is especially important when you are seeking to modify an existing order.

Modifying child custody and support orders requires a party to start a new lawsuit. All of the obstacles that accompany an original lawsuit — the length, complexity and expense — exist within a modification proceeding.

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At Heinrich Christian, PLLC, we routinely assist clients with support and custody modification. With over 25 years of combined experience in family law, our attorneys possess in-depth understanding of how to overcome the obstacles in a modification suit. We provide personalized, caring and attentive representation.

Reducing Your Child Support Obligation

Modifying child support orders requires filing a petition with the court. Child support obligations are based on the Texas child support guidelines, as well as several other factors. To request a reduction in your obligation, you must prove there has been a material and substantial change in your circumstances. Examples include:

  • Loss of a job
  • Significant reduction in your income
  • The birth of another child
  • Health concerns

Defending Against The Other Parent’s Request To Modify Child Support

If the other parent attempts to modify child support, it is important to mount a swift defense. Our lawyers assist clients with defending against modification requests — including requests by either parent to reduce or raise the support obligation.

Increasing The Child Support Payments

Just as some factors might support reducing a child support obligation, certain life changes — and particularly increases in income — may warrant filing a petition to increase the amount of child support the other parent owes. At Heinrich Christian, PLLC, we assist parents with pursuing increases in the other parent’s child support obligation.

Modifying Child Custody

Similar to child support modifications, modifying the current child custody arrangement requires court filings and appearances. You must demonstrate a material and substantial change in circumstances that makes the current arrangement no longer workable such as:

  • Change in either parent’s work schedule
  • Change in either parent’s residence
  • Change in either parent’s criminal record
  • Current arrangement is no longer appropriate for the child’s age
  • The child’s wishes (at a certain age)
  • Remarriage

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