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Determining Fair Spousal Maintenance In Texas

During divorce, one spouse may make a claim for spousal support. Before you can determine an amount, you first need to demonstrate that you require spousal maintenance payments in order to achieve a minimum standard of living. Once you establish need, our attorneys can pursue maximum spousal support payments to protect your way of life.

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How Does Texas Determine Spousal Support?

Each state independently establishes how to determine spousal support payments during divorce. Texas takes a number of factors into consideration, including:

  • The duration of your marriage
  • Whether there is a history of domestic violence
  • Each spouse’s education and career background
  • The age of each spouse
  • Physical or mental disability
  • Care of a child

If need is established, the court can award up to a maximum payment of 20 percent of the payer’s gross monthly income or $5,000 a month. Additionally, payments are typically made for a limited period of time. The system is designed to support the recipient until they receive the necessary education and career training to support themselves in long-term.

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