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Unforeseen job loss could predicate need to modify support terms

It is its unpredictability that keeps life interesting and exciting. But sometimes, an unforeseeable event can cause a measure of turmoil. And certainly, unexpectedly losing a job can blindside you and leave you scrambling to deal with a new set of circumstances.

This can be especially daunting if you are a high-income earner who has child support obligations. If this is the case, then in all probability you are required to pay a healthy sum every month. But if you are not bringing in your accustomed salary, you could very quickly face financial hardships.

While your child may be your top priority, you almost certainly have other important expenses, such as a mortgage and car payments, that are also vital. And it simply does not make sense to jeopardize your long-term financial and personal well-being. Ultimately your child could also suffer if you debts grow insurmountable while you are searching for a new job.

Because replacing a high paying job can take time, it is a good idea to make financial adjustments so as to make your assets last as long as possible. To this end, you may want to consider seeking a modification of your child support obligations.

At Heinrich Christian, PLLC, we place special emphasis on helping clients who are in need of a modification of child support. The fact is, the family court is predisposed to leaving support terms intact and only considers modifications that meet its criteria. But we can assess your situation and work to help you demonstrate that modifying the support terms are in both your and your child's best future interests. On this website, you can read about our services in greater detail. Please feel free to contact us so we can discuss your situation.

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