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2 reasons not to miss paying your child support obligations

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2023 | Child Support |

Economic times are tough, often impacting parents more than childless families. After a divorce, many noncustodial parents find supporting and providing for their kids particularly challenging.

Unfortunately, in times of financial hardship, it is easy for something to impact your ability to keep up with child support payments. For example, you could lose your job to downsizing, or your boss could reduce your hours. Still, there are at least two excellent reasons to make paying child support your top priority, even when struggling financially.

Your kids need and deserve your support

Many noncustodial parents make the mistake of believing that their child support benefits their co-parent instead of their children. While it may seem this way from your perspective, you are likely both contributing to the care of your children.

Instead of skipping your support obligations during times of economic stress, look for solutions. For example, the loss of income may make you eligible to have your child support orders modified, at least temporarily.

The state of Texas will take steps to collect

The second reason you should never miss a payment is to avoid worsening your circumstances. Since Texas recognizes that all parents must support their children, the Office of the Attorney General can and will make a strong effort to collect what you owe.

Some of the enforcement techniques used include:

  • Placing liens on your property
  • Suspending your professional (and driving) license
  • Denying or refusing to renew your passport

Fortunately, family courts understand that your financial situation could change rapidly. As such, they are generally open to changing your child support orders to make paying more affordable for you without unduly affecting your kids.