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Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce

The following are frequently asked questions that we commonly hear from divorce clients. If you have additional questions about divorce, contact Heinrich Christian, PLLC, for experienced guidance. Our attorneys have over 25 years of combined experience assisting Texans with divorce, and can provide you with the guidance that you need.

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How Is Child Custody Determined In Texas?

Under the broad term of custody, the courts determine which parent(s) have physical custody of the child, and which parent(s) are able to make key decisions on behalf of their child. The courts take many factors into consideration when determining custody, including: your child’s age and wishes, each parent’s history of involvement, criminal record and the time and resources each parent can provide.

How Is Spousal Maintenance Determined?

Spousal maintenance payments, or lack thereof, are determined after carefully evaluating each spouse’s circumstances. The spouse asking for payments must first be able to demonstrate a need for support. After need is established, the court will determine the amount and duration of payments based on factors, including: education level, age, disabilities, duration of the marriage and whether there is a history of family violence.

Can You Alter Finalized Divorce Orders?

Yes, you are able to alter divorce orders after their conditions are finalized such as modifying child support and modifying child custody provisions. However, Texas courts do not like altering orders. In order for them to modify their former ruling, you must be able to demonstrate that your circumstances have materially changed since their judgment. This may include: job layoffs, a decrease in salary, birth of a child or remarriage.

What Will My Divorce Look Like?

Each divorce is unique and depends upon factors such as the size of your family, level of assets, relationship with your spouse and ability to compromise. Depending upon your circumstances, we may negotiate your divorce using collaborative divorce tools such as mediation, or aggressively litigate your case in court. Our attorneys can carefully evaluate your family’s circumstances to give you a better idea of your options and possible outcomes.

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