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How long does one have to pay child support in Texas?

Raising a child in Texas is not always an easy task. This is true both on the behavioral aspects of parenting and the financial side. It can be quite expensive to ensure that a child's needs are met. Parents generally work together in meeting the financial needs of the children, but if the parents divorce, this can be more difficult to do. So, generally after a divorce one parent will be ordered to pay the other child support to ensure both parents are contributing to the child's needs.

What you need to know about child support in Texas

Some of the most difficult cases that go through the judicial process are cases that involve child support issues. Most parents want what is best for their children, but the acrimony that can exist between two parents can make these types of cases toxic. For those who are going to find themselves in this type of case, or for those who are already embroiled in a child support case, there are some important aspects of child support in Texas to know.

How an attorney can help in a child support case

The residents of Round Rock and the greater Austin metro area might think that most child support cases these days can be resolved without the help of an attorney. After all, some might see the calculation of child support to simply be a matter of doing the math to get to the right support amount.

What is counted as income for child support purposes?

Parents in Round Rock and the greater Austin metro area who do not live together know that child support is going to be part of their lives, as it is well-established both in Texas and the other states that parents have a duty to support their children. What some Texans might not realize is how exactly child support gets figured in this state, as it is a little different from the child support calculation in other states.

Unforeseen job loss could predicate need to modify support terms

It is its unpredictability that keeps life interesting and exciting. But sometimes, an unforeseeable event can cause a measure of turmoil. And certainly, unexpectedly losing a job can blindside you and leave you scrambling to deal with a new set of circumstances.

Are child support payments tax deductible?

Child support is payments from one spouse (the non-custodial spouse) the custodial spouse. These payments are designed as a replacement for the usual love and care that a child would receive if the other parent were more involved in the child?s life. Child support payments are strictly enforced and subject to interstate enforcement by the courts. It is thus critical that you make your payments, or risk wage garnishment or worse from the federal and state governments.

Does domestic violence affect child support calculations?

Domestic violence is a persistent and pervasive problem that, for some odd reason, remains a politically toxic topic. To this day, some political representatives want to repeal or limit protections for victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence assaults the mental and physical health of the victim but does it increase the perpetrators' child support obligations? This post will explore the interaction between domestic violence and child support.

Withholding child support can hurt your custody case

In a contentious divorce, it is not uncommon for issues to become incredibly fraught and emotional. The issue of custody of any marital children, as well as visitation schedules, child support amounts, and similar concerns, can be some of the most difficult for soon-to-be former spouses to agree on during a divorce.

Some child support questions answered, Part 1

Child support is a hotly contested issue during divorce. It carries big benefits for the receiving parent (non-taxable) and penalties for the paying parent (it isn't deducted from taxable income). Furthermore, failure to pay child support can result in severe penalties. But there are a lot of misconceptions about child support; this post will go over some of the typical questions.

Do you owe child support for an adopted child?

Yes, the answer is yes. Once you adopt a child, you accept full parental responsibility for that child ? you cannot avoid it just because the child is adopted. Adoptions usually begin as loving expressions of love, but it is easy to see how an acrimonious divorce could lead one parent to want to un-adopt a child. The question then becomes, can un-adoption relieve a parent of child support responsibility?

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