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February 2017 Archives

Are child support payments tax deductible?

Child support is payments from one spouse (the non-custodial spouse) the custodial spouse. These payments are designed as a replacement for the usual love and care that a child would receive if the other parent were more involved in the child?s life. Child support payments are strictly enforced and subject to interstate enforcement by the courts. It is thus critical that you make your payments, or risk wage garnishment or worse from the federal and state governments.

Does domestic violence affect child support calculations?

Domestic violence is a persistent and pervasive problem that, for some odd reason, remains a politically toxic topic. To this day, some political representatives want to repeal or limit protections for victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence assaults the mental and physical health of the victim but does it increase the perpetrators' child support obligations? This post will explore the interaction between domestic violence and child support.

Can the government take child support from your social security?

Yes, not only can the government deduct your social security but they can do it for retirement or disability, and they can garnish up to 65 percent (or more in some situations). It is, therefore, imperative that you avoid falling behind on your child support payments or your financial situation could become even more precarious. This post will go over how your social security can get garnished and what you can do to avoid that result.

Divorce or bankruptcy, which should you file first?

Unfortunately, many divorces also end in bankruptcies. Most couples are unable to come out of a divorce unscathed, and many will have to file bankruptcy because their finances do not add up. This post will go over how bankruptcy and divorce interact and what it may mean for you.

5 signs your marriage is at risk

Every relationship has its ups and downs, but it seems like lately you and your spouse have been fighting constantly. The fights also seem to be getting worse each time. Sometimes you only speak to each other to communicate about the kids. The last few years have been a blur of continuous fights about almost every aspect of your lives together.

Divorce mediation: better for your emotional health?

You don't enter a marriage expecting to divorce by the five, ten, or twenty-year mark. At least, most people don't and you shouldn't. But the numbers don't lie, people fall in and out of love all the time, and the stress of life can sometimes mean people prefer to strike out on their own. But that decision carries significant consequences for your emotional health. The American Psychology Association (APA) released a guide to assist people considering divorce on the merits of mediation. This post will go over what the APA had to say.

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