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March 2017 Archives

What is counted as income for child support purposes?

Parents in Round Rock and the greater Austin metro area who do not live together know that child support is going to be part of their lives, as it is well-established both in Texas and the other states that parents have a duty to support their children. What some Texans might not realize is how exactly child support gets figured in this state, as it is a little different from the child support calculation in other states.

What is different about collaborative law negotiation?

Many of those in the greater Austin, Texas, area who follow this blog probably already know that collaborative law involves a lot of negotiation in child support, divorce and child custody matters. The idea of the collaborative process is, after all, to encourage family law negotiation during what are often otherwise very emotional and contentious proceedings.

Unforeseen job loss could predicate need to modify support terms

It is its unpredictability that keeps life interesting and exciting. But sometimes, an unforeseeable event can cause a measure of turmoil. And certainly, unexpectedly losing a job can blindside you and leave you scrambling to deal with a new set of circumstances.

How you can protect your intellectual property in a divorce

Divorce almost always gets ugly. It gets even more ugly if there is a significant amount of money, assets, and businesses involve. The difficult of a high asset divorce can be mitigated through the use of a prenuptial agreement. A prenup is a pre-marital contract that outlines the rules should a divorce occur, it streamlines and reduces costs in the process. An increasingly popular sub-type of a prenuptial agreement are ones that deal with the division of intellectual property or ideas.

How can drug abuse affect your divorce?

Divorce is complicated enough without adding in additional problems, like drug or alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, divorce is a stressful time for everyone involved, so substance abuse can and does occur with more frequency than it should. If drug abuse was one of the reasons that resulted in you deciding to file for divorce, that could have a profound impact on the divorce.

Methods to find a divorce lawyer

You probably never wanted to know how to find a divorce lawyer, but it is important to keep in your back pocket, should you, a loved one or a friend ever need one. People often fall into unwary traps and retain the wrong attorney to handle their divorce; then they are stuck with the consequences for years. This post will go over how you can find the right attorney to handle your divorce.

Tips to prepare for child custody mediation, Part 2

Child custody mediation is, usually, a court-ordered face-to-face negotiation with the other parent. Sometimes the court will include a neutral third-party observer who will report back to the judge his or her assessment of the parents. As discussed in a previous post, it is critical that you take the mediation seriously, prepare for it, and do your best to present a strong front. This post will go over the remaining issues you should consider.

Some issues with collaborative divorce, Part 2

Collaborative law is an up-and-coming alternative to traditional divorce litigation and court proceedings. As discussed in a previous post, there are many benefits to collaborative divorce; it allows you to talk through the issues with your spouse and to (hopefully) maintain a friendly relationship. But there are many issues with collaborative divorce. This post will go over the remaining potential issues.

Scientific Frontier: artificial wombs and the legal issues

Artificial wombs sound like a concept straight out of a science-fiction movie. Children being born in vats or tubes, rather than biologically. Artificial wombs open up an entirely new area of scientific development that promises to upend current laws and how society addresses them. Everything from artificial wombs to designer babies is all within scientific reach in the next decade or two. It is thus incumbent upon society to understand these advances and determine how best to address them.

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