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August 2016 Archives

The benefits of collaborative divorce, Part 2

Divorces are accomplished in a variety of ways. You can file for divorce and hire attorneys. You can try to settle it with lawyers. You can hire a mediator and you can try collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce is a process by which you, your ex-spouse and your attorneys work together to arrive at an amicable solution. As discussedĀ previously, this post will review some of the benefits associated with collaborative divorce.

How many ways can you get divorced? Part 1

There are four general "types" of divorce: the do-it-yourself, mediation, collaborative, and litigated divorce. Each of these styles possesses their pros and cons. Some may be cheaper. Some only work if both spouses are cooperative, while some other favor the spouse with greater financial flexibility. This post will briefly discuss each method to divorce.

What Should You Know About Seeking A Divorce During Your Empty-Nester Years?

Although the Millennial generation often makes headlines due to its members' tendencies to shun traditional marriage in favor of cohabitation, there's a silent divorce epidemic taking place among their parents -- Baby Boomers. With the "gray divorce" rate on the rise while other generations' divorce rates are dropping, you may have plenty of company when choosing to end your marriage. However, rushing into a divorce without getting your financial ducks in a row first can be a disastrous decision that leaves you little time to recover before retirement.

Overview of why fathers fail to pay child support

The "deadbeat dad" is a common stereotype that everyone is likely familiar with but surprisingly very little research has been done into this phenomenon. How many fathers are actual "deadbeats?" Do they constitute a majority? What is happening when a fatherĀ refuses to pay child support? A recent study tried to find some answers.

Domestic violence allegations during custody dispute

Domestic violence allegations can seriously raise the stakes in a divorce proceeding. If your partner receives a protective order (restraining order) that will further complicate your ability to negotiate informally with your ex-spouse and for you to visit your children. Protective orders prevent you from coming within a certain number of feet from someone. The restrictions are usually waived in places like courthouses, but you may want to speak to a lawyer for the specifics.

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