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July 2016 Archives

Couples should discuss investment philosophies prior to marriage

Marriage should be about fun, friendship and love. That is what initially brings people together, but money is another major factor that can bring a couple together or drive them apart. Enjoy your marriage but you should also remain realistic. Here are a few tips to plan for your financial future before the wedding.

Criteria to get listed on the Texas Evader program, Part 2

The Texas Evader program is a state program run by the Attorney General of Texas to catch deadbeat parents. It solicits the assistance of the public to find and identify parents that are trying to avoid their obligations. The state uses this program because when parents skip out on their obligations, the state government is forced to pick up the slack. As discussed in a previous post, not just anyone is added to the Evader program list; specific criteria must be met. This post finishes where the previous post left off.

The benefits of collaborative divorce, part 1

Collaborative divorce is a method that involves both spouses working together to complete their divorce. Each party hires their own attorney but they work together through the mediation process. Collaborative divorce, a subset of divorce mediation, promises to reduce divorce costs and save everyone money, time and effort. The goals enshrined in collaborative divorce ensure that you can access the benefits of mediation without conceding your right to a full trial.

Criteria to get listed on the Texas Evader Program, Part 1

Whenever two parents are unable to resolve their differences, they often split, the result being that they must decide how they are going to care for the child. Generally, this will take the form of joint custody and shared expenses. Typically, one parent will pay child support to the other. When one parent refuses to pay child support, then the government may get involved to compel payment.

Mediation as an alternative for high conflict divorce

This post will highlight some of facts that surround high conflict divorces. A high conflict divorce is a divorce that involves two wealth people who are unable to resolve their differences. These divorces can take years and cost thousands upon thousands of dollars.

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