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April 2016 Archives

What do I do if I receive a divorce petition?

Whether you were expecting it or not, if you've received a divorce petition you are likely to have questions, concerns and conflicting emotions regarding whether to tear it up and throw it in the trash or get on the phone and take immediate action. The latter, is, of course, the preferred response if you disagree with any of the terms and statements in the petition and want to simplify the process of contesting the divorce terms.

Spousal support requirements in Texas

If you are going through a divorce in Texas and are concerned about your finances during and after the divorce, you aren't alone. Many marriages see one spouse earn an income while the other takes care of the accounts, the home and any other tasks that fall into the day-to-day minutia. In doing this, one spouse may have been out of the workforce for a significant time and may be unsure of how to manage financially when those tasks don't transfer well to a resume.

Can my spouse limit my custody allowance?

When your spouse is granted primary custody of your children during a divorce, he or she can have significant control over how and when you are able to see your children. This is why it is so important to aim for an amicable divorce when children are involved, and work collaboratively through the process of dividing property and time. However, sometimes that is outside the limits of possibility, and you may forego collaboration and instead pursue a custody agreement favorable to your situation as a part of your divorce.

A collaborative divorce could benefit your custody arrangement

Divorce is a fairly common event that befalls many couples. It has largely shed the shameful stigma and instead is often considered commonplace, practical and beneficial for two people who have grown apart. However, divorces still have the propensity to get sticky. Especially when high-value assets or children are involved. Thankfully, the law offers a collaborative approach to a divorce that can save you time and money.

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