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The basics of child support

Child support payments are made from one parent to the other to provide care for their mutual children. Child support was once the primary way that the non-custodial parent provided care to their children. However, with the rise of collaborative divorces and shared parenting time, there has been some alteration in the approach taken toward awarding child support. Nonetheless, support payments are still an important aspect of caring for a child's needs. In some circumstances, these payments can prove very expensive. This post will go over the basics of child support to help you get a clearer picture of what to expect.

Divorce mediation isn't for everyone

Modern divorce is a complicated and expensive endeavor. Even if you believe that you and your ex-spouse agree on everything, issues can pop up like who gets the fondue set or commemorative glasses. Simple things like this can torpedo a carefully negotiated divorce settlement. This is why the legal system has adopted several techniques to encourage people to settle their issues. One of these techniques is mediation. Divorce mediation is a great idea for many couples, but it isn't for everyone.

Keeping it in the family

When you are going through a divorce with a child involved, you are going to need support. Along with the stigmas still sometimes associated with divorce (antiquated as they may be) you also have to deal with family and in-laws who now must stand beside your ex as a matter of principal. The effect can be very lonely and you may not feel like you have anyone on which you can firmly rely.

How Much Time Do You Really Need With Your Child?

In the heat of a child custody dispute, a parent's instinct is often to fight to get as much time with the child as possible. But is that really what is best for you and your child? Before charging headfirst into battle, it is worthwhile to step back and take a look at how having custody of your child for the majority of the time would impact other aspects of your life and your child's life.

Can you settle a divorce like you can a lawsuit?

Most people would probably consider a successful divorce one that is quick, easy and doesn't require a total loss when it comes to primary assets. If children are involved, they are likely the primary factor when it comes to divorce success. Is it possible to avoid going to trial and settling outside of court? In a word, yes.

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