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October 2016 Archives

Can grandparents obtain visitation rights?

The short answer is, yes, it is possible, but it's hard ? especially if the parent is opposed to visitation. Most of family law focuses on the relationship between the parents and children, however, a growing area of law covers the method by which grandparents may obtain visitation rights. The easiest solution is if the parents consent or encourage the relationship. But if the parents are hostile, then the grandparents may bring an action to compel visitation with their grandchildren.

3 things to consider during property division

One of the most contentious things that a person who is getting a divorce has to deal with is the property division process. As easy as it is to fight over who is going to get what, it is just as easy to keep an open mind about the process once you take your emotions out of the affair. There are some important things that you have to consider when you are going through this process because they can all affect the final outcome.

Can you obtain temporary child support orders?

People tend to think that child support is entirely based on the final support orders issued by the court. Yes, those orders do constitute the rules for the majority of the support payments, but child support can begin even before the court starts hearing formal testimony and evidence. This post will address how you may obtain child support prior to the permanent orders.

An overview of interstate child custody dispute, Part 2

Child custody is usually decided by the state in which you and the child live. But, as discussed in a previous post, ascertaining where the child "lives" and thus which court holds jurisdiction can be a tricky and complicated issue. This post will continue going through the factors that the court considers and how it may apply to you.

The role of the mediator

Divorce mediation is a relatively new method of divorcing that is becoming more accepted. Divorce mediation is heralded as cheaper and faster than traditional litigated divorce. But there is a major caveat if the parties can reach an amicable solution. It is critical before seeking divorce mediation to go over the process with an attorney. The lawyer can go over the process, what you can expect, and the role of the mediator. This post will discuss the role of mediator and how the mediator can help you.

Is withholding child support a good plan?

You may be tempted to withhold child support in response to the other parent continually interfering in your time with your children. Shared custody over children is difficult for everyone, the kids, you, and yes, on your ex-partner as well. As such, it is normal for petty slights or disputes to arise. But it is important that you avoid any rash decisions. Withholding child support is one of those rash decisions.

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